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Calls for Revocation of Academic Honor

An article entitiled "A Toxic Legacy" which appeared in a newspaper published by a Yale University student this week reported calls by AFeVA for an honorary degree awarded to asbestos defendant Stephan Schmidheiny to be withdrawn. Sixteen years before Schmidheiny was sentenced to 16 years in jail by a Turin Court (2012), he had been feted at Yale. At that time, the University’s President Richard Levin cited Schmidheiny's creation of “an attainable vision of a global economy based on…


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Fernanda Giannasi: Engineer, Activist, Proud Brazilian and Devoted Friend of Casale Monferrato

 The news that renowned Labor Inspector Fernanda Giannasi has retired this month (August 2013) has led to an outpouring of support and commendation for this courageous and pioneering champion of working people. For thirty years, Fernanda has been on the frontline of the campaign to support asbestos…


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First collective civil trial in Spain against asbestos industry

On 10th and 11th june in Seville (Spain) will be held the first collective trial against asbestos industry in Spain.

24 damaged people and the relatives of one victim are demanding a compensation up to 2mln of euros against Uralita, the main spanish asbestos products industry. Outside the gates of the courtroom victims and associations of various cities of Spain will gather together. A small delegation of Afeva will come to support spanish fight.

Attached press release in…


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Eternit Executive Schmidheiny Sentenced to 18 Years on Appeal

Lower court had handed down 16 years. Municipality of Casale Monferrato awarded €30 million in compensation, €20 million to regional authority

Dignified tears and hugs greeted the reading of the sentence in Turin. Swiss industrialist Stephan Schmidheiny, in the dock at the Eternit asbestos trial, was being sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment for culpable disaster. The lower court had handed down 16 years. The appeal…


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Asbestos has not been inclused in UN list of hazardous substances

by Kathleen Ruff

At the Rotterdam Convention conference in Geneva, the asbestos industry has succeeded in defeating the recommendation to place chrysotile asbestos on the Convention’s list of hazardous substances.

Out of the 143 countries attending the conference, 7 countries – Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, India and Vietnam – opposed the listing.listing. Thus it was not possible to achieve consensus and the recommendation to list chrysotile asbestos… Continue

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Rotterdam Convention Asbestos Side Event

Rotterdam Convention Asbestos Side Event

by Laurie Kazan-Allen

From 1:15 until 3 p.m. today (May 8) at the Conference of the Parties to the Rotterdam Conventon, an event took place in Room 4 of the International Conference Centre. Reflecting the high degree of interest regarding chrysotile asbestos generated by the obstructive behaviour of asbestos vested interests, there was a very good turnout.

As well as dozens of official delegates from Iran, Bahrain,… Continue

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Asbestos and the Council of Europe

The council of Europe  (Not to be confused with European Council or Council of the European Union[1].) . includes countries such as Russia and most of the former Eastern European block.  The deputy mayor of Frassineto, former Senator…


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French justice situation

On february 28th many people of Andeva (french association) with the support of two delegation from Belgium (abeva) and Casale (Afeva) gathered in front of the Palais de justice of Paris demanding a fair process against asbestos industries. The french appeal court is examinating the position of nine people - many of them former Ceo of Asbestos companies. The court will decide wether there are evidences to open a process or not. We will wait with hope.…


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Asbestos industry continues to hide risks, put profits ahead of human life, by Kathleen Ruff

A report published by the European Environmental Agency (EEA), ‘…


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Eternit and the Great Asbestos Trial: Appeal Proceedings

Further hearings will commence on February 14, 2013 in the case which has become known as the “Great Asbestos Trial.” Hundreds of pages of legal argument submitted to the Turin Court challenge first degree guilty verdicts handed down one year ago by a three-judge panel to defendants Stephan Schmidheiny (Switzerland) and Baron Louis de Cartier (Belgium). Neither one of the former asbestos executives, both of whom were convicted for their part in the causation of an Italian asbestos disaster,…


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Prosecutor Appeals for Longer Setences for Eternit defendants!

On June 28 2012, the Turin Public Prosecutor who pioneered this case – Raffaele Guariniello – announced that he

had appealed the judgment. Considering the crimes committed, 16 years in jail was an insufficient punishment. Guariniello is calling for the sentences to be increased to 20 years for both defendants. The public prosecutor’s office, he added, is now  investigating the deaths of 117 Italians who worked in the Swiss and German Eternit plants and as well as the asbestos deaths of…


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Italy Lobbies for EU Asbestos Research!

The involvement of the Italian Government in the Turin proceedings has produced multiple benefits including pressure being exerted by Italian politicians on European Union officials to act on the European asbestos catastrophe. At a meeting in April 2012, the Italian Government called on EU Commissioner John Dalli to create an EU network of asbestos-related disease centres of excellence. See: Italian Government takes Asbestos Safety and Care Concerns to EU!…


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Demise of Chrysotile Institute!

Just weeks after the historic verdict in Turin, one of the world's leading asbestos lobbying groups closed down! On May 1, news was obtained which verified the fact that at the end of March 2012, the offices rented by the Chrysotile Institute in downtown Montreal had been vacated. Days later the Institute surrendered its charter to the Canadian Government and thereby signalled the end to nearly 30 years of asbestos lobbying. This is a historic event and one which is a huge victory for all…


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Chrysotile Institute intends to surrender its charter

We're glad to publish a news from Canda by Kathleen Ruff.

For 27 years, the federal government has financed the Chrysotile Institute (previously called the Asbestos Institute) and has given it over $20 million in funding. In…


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Schmidheiny reacts to the sentence: "unfounded claims and serious violations of legal procedure"

We remind the reader that Mr. Schmidheiny had the chance to rebut the charges - for more than two years - directly in the trial but has always refused to appear before the courts of Turin.

Incomprehension at…


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Eternit Asbestos Executives Condemned!

The verdict handed down on February 13, 2012 by the Turin court was a historic indictment of the behaviour of corporate executives who sanctioned the use of dangerous working parties in the pursuit of profit.

Stephan Schmidheiny and Jean-Louis de Cartier de Marchienne were found guilty of crimes which led to the asbestos-related deaths of thousands of Italians.

After waiting for over three decades to see justice done, the verdict – 16 years in jail and…


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Asbestos factory owners jailed for 16 years over safety measures,

Campaigners have welcomed the jailing for 16 years of two former owners of one of the world’s biggest asbestos…


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The eyes of the world are on Casale - 23 buses from Casale to the Turin hearing

While waiting for the verdict, retired math and science teacher Giovanni Condolo, remembers a tour at the Ronzone plant where he was taking one of his classes from Ticineto on a school trip.

The story was posted on Facebook yesterday: ‘The managers welcomed us and took us round the facilities’.

Then they got annoyed when a girl asked them how many people who worked at Eternit ever reached retirement age. The teacher asked the girl why she was…


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Fernanda Giannasi[1]


Ecco come Stephan Schmidheiny, il miliardario svizzero erede dell’impero Eternit, si difende pubblicamente dall’accusa di aver permesso per quasi un secolo l’uso dell’amianto nelle imprese familiari sparse per il mondo. Lo…


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Download the pdf version of the ANDEVA bulletin n°37 dedicated to the ETERNIT TRIAL of Turin, ENGLISH version or FRENCH version


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The film Dust, the great asbestos trial is a feature documentary on the trial and the state of the art of asbestos ban in the world. Read more about it or watch it in steraming online on RSI, switzerland tv (italian version only).


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