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the Eternit trial report, Torino (Italy)

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FIELD REPORT - day #29. Experts Castleman and Silvestri discredit Eternit' theories

Second hearing for Barry Castleman: the American expert reports about the industry knowledge of the asbestos hazard backing his extended arguments with evidences and documents. A summary of his two depositions is reported below.

The second expert invited today to bear witness is…

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FIELD REPORT - day #28. Castleman dates the industry first awareness on asbestos hazard

The US expert, Barry Castleman, author of the bible book Asbestos: Medical and Legal Aspects, Barry Castleman, hits the bull's eye by giving a clear figure of the historical time steps that led to the industry awareness on asbestos hazard. His conclusion, based on more than 30 years of observation, is that asbestos industry both in US and Europe already knew the problem for 80…

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FIELD REPORT - day #27 Defence's expert reporting on security investment in Eternit plants

Engineer Giuseppe Nano, associate professor at the University of Milano, offers an effective technical consulting to the defence. Proceeding from a 1979 independent survey, Nano reels off his datas to display the strong investments made by Schmidheiny to improve the working condition at Eternit from 1973.…


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FIELD REPORT - day #26 - "Cement manufacturers are responsible for the dust pollution in Casale", expert says

"The dust in the Ronzone district? It was made by the cement plants of the area historically there from long ago". Eternit wasn't responsible for the dust.

The first Schmidheiny' expert, lecturer Gaetano Cecchetti, provides this and others extravagant motivations to stand the defence'…

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A French résumé of our field report from the courtroom is weekly published on the Andeva website

Download the pdf version of the ANDEVA bulletin n°37 dedicated to the ETERNIT TRIAL of Turin, ENGLISH version or FRENCH version


download the book

Eternit and the Great Asbestos Trial Direct Download (5.19MB) in pdf or individual sections in a web browser on IBAS webpage.

The film Dust, the great asbestos trial is a feature documentary on the trial and the state of the art of asbestos ban in the world. Read more about it or watch it in steraming online on RSI, switzerland tv (italian version only).


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