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the Eternit trial report, Torino (Italy)

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An historical victory for asbestos plaintiffs in Japan (May 19, 2010)

This decision could be very encouraging for other countries, including plaintiffs in Torino.

Please have a look at the links below.

Paul Jobin (Taiwan)



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FIELD REPORT - day #13 Unveiling the global scale: the shades of Switzerland

Two interesting witnesses, François Iselin and Silvano Benitti, unveil the…

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FIELD REPORT - day #12 Eternit's environmental disaster from the plants of Casale and Rubiera

Si moriva senza sapere che c'era l'amianto". Dopo Casale e Cavagnolo, da oggi al centro dell’attenzione sarà lo stabilimento Eternit di Rubiera.

La gente si ammalava, prendeva l'asbestosi e il cancro. E non erano mica pochi. Si dava la colpa al fumare, poi si è capito che forse la causa poteva essere quella lì, quella dell'amianto. Ma dai padroni di informazioni non ne abbiamo mai avute”. È la testimonianza di…

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FIELD REPORT - day #11. Former mayors of Casale and Piedmont governors raise the sights

Governors and Mayors depict the asbestos hepidemic in Piedmont: a human tragedy which is still spreading its lethal legacy.…

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FIELD REPORT - day #10 Exploring the environmental disasater in Casale and Cavagnolo

The 10th session of the Eternit trial has been addressed to explore the issue of the environmental disaster…

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